How To Get Free ColorOfChange Sticker

ColorOfChange is a prominent nonprofit organization dedicated to civil rights advocacy in the United States, particularly focusing on racial justice. Established in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, ColorOfChange aims to empower individuals to address and combat injustices in society.

With over 7 million members, it operates as the largest online force advocating for the rights of Black people in America. The organization utilizes online platforms to mobilize its members and promote activism, striving to bring about meaningful change through collective action. Led by civil rights activists, ColorOfChange plays a vital role in advancing social justice causes and promoting equality.

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How To Get Free Color of Change Stickers

  1. Fill out the Sticker Request Form To Get a Free Inauguration Sticker

    To get a free sticker from, you need to invite three friends or family members to join ColorOfChange. Once you’ve done that, you will be mailed a free commemorative inauguration sticker as a thank you for helping to magnify their voice in demanding bold social and political change.

    Click here to get started.

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