How To Get Free Heelys Stickers

Heelys are patented products that feature a removable wheel in the heel region of the shoe. Roger Adams – the inventor of the Heelys – was inspired to create the Heelys after watching kids zoom around on skateboards and rollerblades.

Heelys is more than just a shoe with heels; it’s a way for you to express yourself and explore the world while being active. Heelys is dedicated to creating products that inspire you to get out and have fun.

How To Get Free Heelys Stickers

Here’s how you can score some Heelys stickers free.

  1. Request Heelys Stickers Via Contact Form

    You can also get Heelys Stickers by sending a message using the contact us form.

    In your message, let them know you would like some stickers.

    Click here to access the Heelys contact form

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