How To Get Free Lakai Stickers

Lakai Footwear is an American footwear company located in Torrance, California, founded in 1999 by professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard. They manufacture shoes designed for skateboarding and have maintained a respected reputation within the skateboarding community since the beginning.

Various skateboarders have endorsed Lakai footwear professionally for the quality of the brand and their rich history in the skateboarding lifestyle.

Lakai Footwear, Girl Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing, Royal Trucks, and Chocolate Skateboards are all a part of Crailtap Distribution.

How To Get Free Lakai Stickers

Fortunately, there is more than one way to get free Lakai Footwear stickers. Here they are;

  1. Get Stickers From Amazon

    You can find Lakai Stickers for sale on Amazon. Check out some of the stickers below;

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    Lakai Skate Shoes Skateboard Sticker Black/Red 11.5cm Wide Approx. Skate Snow surf Board BMXLakai Skate Shoes Skateboard Sticker Yellow 18cm. skate snow surf board bmxLakai Skate Shoes Skateboard Sticker Brown 18cm wide approx. skate snow surf board bmx



    Checkout more Lakai Sticker packs, decals and stickers

  2. Request Lakai Stickers By Submitting a S.A.S.E

    Send in a written sticker request using a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope to the address below.

    Lakai Footwear
    Attn: Stickers
    420 Boyd Street, Suite #300
    Los Angeles, CA 90013

    International requests are accepted; however, your envelope must have enough postage to be sent back to you.

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