How To Get Free Merrell Stickers

Merrell is a footwear company based in America that manufactures only high-performance and durable products perfect for climbing mountains, hiking, running, walking, and all other outdoor adventures.

It was founded back in 1981 when Randy Merrell and two ski company executives, John Schweizer and Clark Matis, worked to craft handmade boots. Randy’s craftsmanship, along with the experience of the two executives, resulted in the birth of affordable and high-performance hiking boots.

Today, Merrell sells its products in more than 151 countries and has concept stores dotted around the globe.

How To Get Free Merrell Stickers

Here is how to get free Merrell stickers;

  1. Request Merrell Stickers By Submitting a S.A.S.E

    Get a free Merrell Upper Peninsula sticker from Merrell by filling the sticker request form. Simply click the link below and fill in the form to get your free sticker.

    This offer is only valid for residents of Canada and the United States.

    This offer has expired

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