How To Get Free NextCampsite Stickers

NextCampsite was born out of frustration in 2012 after owner Justin Wilson tried and failed to find any information about campsites on the internet.

Even though Justin didn’t get the camping bug until his early twenties, all it took was one trip for him to develop a love for the outdoors.

Justin aims to develop NextCampsite into a resource where you can find the best campsites on the west coast, so you plan awesome camping adventures. He does this by personally visiting, photographing and reviewing all the campsites listed on NextCampsite.

Justin also shares some great camping tips and tricks, as well as recipes you can use on your next camping trip on NextCampsite!

How To Get Free NextCampsite Stickers

You can help tell other people about NextCampsite with one of their free NextCampsite stickers. Here’s how to get it;

  1. Fill the Sticker Request Form To Get NextCampsite Sticker

    Show your support for NextCampsite with a bumper sticker. Simply click the link below and fill in the form to get your free sticker.

    P.S: NextCampsite stickers are only available to individuals residing in the USA.

    Click here to request your free sticker.

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