How To Get Free Oakley Stickers

Oakley’s story started with humble roots in 1975 in a garage in California. The founder, James Jannard, sold his innovative motorcycle parts out of the back of his car during motocross events. At the time, he named this company “Oakley” after his loyal canine companion.

A few years later, Oakley, Inc. began to sell goggles that Jannard named “The O-Frame.” In 1983, Oakley began to sell ski goggles, which were prominent in the sports world for their quality.

It wasn’t until almost a decade later that Oakley began to sell sunglasses in 1984, almost all of which were sport-oriented and instantly popular. Since then, Oakley has grown into a multi-billion dollar company that serves the public, law enforcement, and the US Military.

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How To Get Free Oakley Stickers

Fortunately, there is more than one way to get free Oakley stickers. Here they are;

  1. Get Stickers From Amazon

    You can find Oakley stickers for sale on Amazon. Check out some of the stickers below;

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    Oakley Metal Sticker - USA Country Flag - Red/White/Blue - One SizeOakley Unisex-Adult Sticker Pack Small USA Flag/camo Replacement Lenses, USA, 0 mm

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    Oakley Logo White SK8/Surf/Snow/Water/Bike/Brands Automotive Decal/Bumper StickerOakley blue on white Vinyl Decal weather proof Sticker 3" x 0.75

  2. Request Oakley Stickers Via Email

    You can get Oakley stickers free by sending an email to

    Don’t know what to say in the email? Check out our template here

  3. Get The Sticker From The Company Store

    You can also get an Oakley sticker directly from the store. To get your directly from Oakley, you can purchase it directly from the company.

    Oakley Logo Sticker Oakley Foundation Logo Sticker
    Oakley StickerGet Oakley Sticker

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