30+ Companies That Give Out Free Preppy Brand Stickers In 2020 (And How To Get Them)

Do you want to get free preppy stickers for laptops, car bumper, books etc without spending too much time and money?

I know you do!

Getting preppy stickers from your favorite brands can be as simple as sending an email requesting free stickers, contacting the brand or just buying it. Using cute Preppy brand stickers  stickers lets you personalizes your belongings and display your personality.

You only need one sticker to start your preppy brand sticker collection, so lets get started

Here are some preppy brands that provide free stickers. There are lots of ways to get free stickers from your favorite brands.

Read on to find out how to get free preppy brand stickers from more than 30 companies.

Page 2: Get Free Stickers By Filling A Sticker Request Form

Page 3: Get Preppy Brand Sticker By Contacting The Brand

Page 4: Get Free Preppy Brand Stickers By Completing A S.A.S.E

Get Preppy Brand Stickers From The Brand Store

This companies also provide preppy stickers, however you need to get the stickers from the companies store, some brands only give out stickers as a addon after purchasing an item from them.

  • Anchored Style Sticker:

Anchored Style is a classic, preppy, nautical, American-made lifestyle brand for those who are passionate about life on the water. You get a free Anchored Style sticker with every order you place with them.
Anchored Style Free Sticker

Click here to get your Free Anchored Style Sticker

  • Chubbies Shorts Sticker:

Chubbies is a mens shorts company that produces comfortable, flexible and aerodynamic shorts and swim trunks.

Get the Chubbies Short Sticker Sheet.

  • Country Club Prep Sticker:

Country Club Prep is the place to find everything preppy. Whatever prep item you need they have or they’ll tell you where to get it. And yes – they also have preppy brands stickers.

Checkout their collection here.

  • Pelican Perch Clothing Sticker:

Pelican Perch Clothing designs clothes for coastal lifestyle using comfortable handpicked fabrics.

They have a pelican inspired sticker which you can get here.

  • Summerties Sticker:

SummerTies Stickers come in a variety of designs so you have plenty of options to choose from. Though you shouldn’t wait too long choosing because they run out quickly.

Get Summerties Stickers

  • Southern Anchor Clothing Sticker:

Southern Anchor is a clothing company with a vision of promoting the southern lifestyle and values. The sticker shows the company logo which is an anchor with a bowtie. The anchor represents remaining true to what you believe in, while the bowtie reflects the classic look of a southern gentleman, both notable characteristics of Sam and his family.

An Anchor with a bowtie, Stickers don’t look more cooler than that.

Checkout Southern Anchor Sticker and Stay Anchored in their Stickers.

  • Smathers & Branson Sticker:

Smathers & Branson is a brand that provide high quality needle point belts. They’re licensed to produce for many of the best universities and colleges as well as several MLB, NHL teams, fraternities and sororities.

Get your Smathers & Branson Stickers here

  • The Bartholomew Brand Sticker:

The Bartholomew Brand has some of the cutest preppy brand stickers you will ever own. There stickers are a must own for ever sticker lover.

Browse the Bartholomew Brand sticker collection here

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