30+ Companies That Give Out Free Preppy Brand Stickers In 2021 (And How To Get Them)

Companies You Can Email To Get Free Preppy Brand Stickers

You can request a sticker from this list of companies by contacting them, preferably through email – you can also contact them using the contact us form on their website.

Page 1: Get Preppy Brand Stickers From The Brand Store

Page 2: Get Free Preppy Brand Stickers By filling a Sticker Request Form

Page 4: Get Free Preppy Brand Stickers By Completing A S.A.S.E

  • Free Coastal Provisions Clothing Sticker:

Coastal Provisions clothing was born out of a need for stylish, fun, coastal apparel and accessories. Checkout the accessories catalog on their website for Coastal Provisions stickers.

Send an email to http://coastalstickers@gmail.com to request Free Coastal Provisions Clothing Stickers.

  • Free Makai Clothing Co Sticker:

Makai Clothing Co helps protect turtles from natural and human- caused threats, they do this by donating 10% of net profit directly to helping sea turtle conservation.

You can get some of their cute turtle stickers from their store, or  you can opt for a free Makai Clothing Co Sticker by contacting them.

Email: info@makaiclothingco.com

  • Free Mizzen And Main Sticker:

Mizzen And Main is an all american brand that creates comfortable, wrinkle resistant clothing. Get yourself a free Mizzen And Main stickers by contacting them.

Email: info@mizzenandmain.com

  • Free Onward Reserve Sticker:

The Onward Reserve brand is a southern brand that creates conservative items for the southern lifestyle. They also have a really cool history.

To get a free Onward Reserve sticker you need to send a request by email.

  • Free Peter Millar Sticker:

Peter Millar produces unique clothing that are classic yet versatile style.

Send an email and request a free Peter Millar Sticker.

Email: concierge@petermillar.com

  • Free Simply Southern Sticker:

To request a free simply southern sticker simply send them a request using their contact form

  • Free Southern Girl Prep Sticker:

Southern Girl Prep is a brand by southern girls for southern girls. To receive a free sticker you need to connect with them on social media.

Click here for more info

  • Free Sperry Sticker:

Sperry is America’s foremost footwear brand. Boat shoes to boots and all kinds of shoes in between they have it. To get a free Sperry sticker you need to contact the company and request one.

Email: customerservice@sperry.com

  • Free Vineyard Vines Sticker:

Vineyard Vines is a preppy American clothing and accessory brand. They have one of the most recognizable preppy stickers – The Pink Whale. You can get free vineyard vines stickers by emailing them, however it can take up to 2 weeks before you receive a reply.

Email: tieguys@vineyardvines.com

Click here to see more ways to get free vineyard vines stickers

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