How To Get Free Salomon Stickers

Founded in 1947 in the French Alps by François Salomon, his wife, and his son Georges. Salomon specializes in mountain sports, making the necessary equipment for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Initially, it was a metal-crafts shop; they used to make saw blades. In 1979, Salomon began to produce skis and boots, focusing on the mountain sports branch. Salomon was sold to Amer Sports, a Finnish company, for €485 million in 2005.

Salomon Group produces footwear, winter sport gadgets, hiking equipment, and mountain sports products. A multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and athletes is responsible for creating and testing each product.

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How To Get Free Salomon Stickers

Fortunately, there is more than one way to get free Salomon stickers. Here they are;

  1. Request Salomon Stickers By Submitting a S.A.S.E

    If you are within the US or Canada, send a written sticker request using a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope to the address below.

    Salomon North America

    Attn: Sticker Guru

    5055 N. Greeley Ave

    Portland, Oregon 97217

    Please give them a couple of weeks to process your request and get your stickers back to you.

  2. Request Salomon Stickers Via Email

    You can get Salomon stickers free by sending an email to

    Don’t know what to say in the email? Check out our template here

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