30+ Brands That Give Out Free Skateboard Stickers In 2024 (And How To Get Them)

Get Free Skateboard Stickers By Contacting The Brand/ Sending an E-mail

Page 1: Get Skateboard Stickers From The Store

Page 2: Get Free Skateboard Stickers By Filling Out A Sticker Request Form

Page 4: Get Free Skateboard Brand Stickers By Completing A S.A.S.E

  • Free Blind Skateboard Stickers:

Blind Skateboard is a skate brand that sells skate decks, wheels, and accessories. 

P.S: They may be out of stickers at the moment due to high demand, but you can sign up to their mailing list to be notified when they have new stickers in stock.

I Want Free Blind Skateboard Stickers

  • Free Madrid Skateboards Stickers:

Madrid skateboard has been one of the best manufacturers of skateboards and longboards for over 40 years. They also sell decks, shortboards, wheels, accessories, clothing, apparel for skaters.

Request a free Madrid Skateboard Sticker

You can also send an email to customerservice@madridskateboards.com

  • Free Santa Cruz Skateboard Stickers:

Santa Cruz Skateboard is one of the original skateboard companies; in their over 40 years of operation, they have contributed to the innovation and modernization of skateboards and skateboarding.

Santa Cruz skateboards are sold under the NHS  Fun factory brand. You can either contact the NHS Fun Factory to request free Santa Cruz Stickers or buy the stickers from the store to get the stickers as soon as possible.

Contact the NHS Fun Factory with a request for free Santa Cruz skateboard stickers

or Purchase Santa Cruz Skateboard stickers to skip the wait time.

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