Companies That Give Out Free Ski Stickers In 2022 (And How To Get Them)

This is our huge list of free Skiing stickers! If you enjoy skiing or know someone that does, then free ski stickers are a great freebie you can use to decorate your ski.

Just like Snowboarding stickers, skiing stickers are a great way to rep your favorite ski brands.

We’ve gathered a vast list of ski companies that give out free ski stickers (Including brands from outside the United States).


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Get Ski Company Stickers From The Brand Store

  • 4FRNT Stickers

4FRNT was created to attract the sport’s best riders, provide a platform for them to design signature products and, as a result, become leaders in the sport and progress the state of Freeskiing; check out some of their skis on Amazon.

For those interested in 4FRNT Stickers, you can buy them here.

  • Demon Stickers:

For over 17 years, Demon has produced quality ski and snowboard equipment. During this time, they have expanded their reach and currently design and manufacture hundreds of products and protective gear for all types of gravity sports. Their focus and dedication is creating great products that help KEEP YOU FROM AN EARLY GRAVE.

Check out the various stickers they have for sale

  • Fatypus Ski Stickers:

Ftypus is a ski company based in Breckenridge, Colorado, creating handmade skis.

Checkout Fatypus Diecut Stickers

Get Free Skiing Stickers By Sending an Email or Contacting The Brand

  • Free Revision Skis Stickers:

Revision Skis is a small company doing big things in the ski world. Revision skis are handcrafted with passion and enthusiasm by individuals who desire to make skiing as much fun as possible. To get free Revision stickers, you have to sign up for their mailing list.

  • Free Faction Skis Stickers:

The Faction Collective manufactures high-performance freeride and freestyle skis. Formed in 2006, Faction creates better products for skiers by applying intelligent design and innovative approaches to traditional manufacturing techniques.

To receive free faction skis stickers, you need to sign up for their mailing list, and they’ll send you some stickers.

Unfortunately, they do not send stickers to anyone outside Europe, the U.S, and Canada.

  • Free Descente Stickers:

Descente Brand has been synonymous with performance and excellence. With their exclusive Motion 3-D fit and high-performance technical fabrics, quality, and exceptional attention to detail, you can feel the difference with a Descente Product.

For Free Descente Stickers, send an email sticker request to

  • Free Jon Olsson Gumball Stickers:

Jon Olsson is a Skier, blogger, car enthusiast, and product designer born in Mora, Sweden. He currently has nine X Games medals and more than ten film appearances.

Send an email to with your address for free stickers.

…And don’t forget to check out his blog here


  • Free JSkis Stickers:

JSkis sells Limited edition skis designed by Jason Levinthal. All skis are also sold in limited quantities, so you own something special that no one else on the hill will have. For free JSkis stickers, you’ll have to join the team on their website or Facebook page (N.B JSkis only sends stickers once per address).

But don’t worry, you can order additional stickers from their store

Get Free Ski Stickers By Completing A Sticker Request Form

  • Free JIBIJ  Stickers:

JIBIJ has the ultimate selection of Freeski gear, ski attire, and ski equipment for sale from the best ski brands. For free JIBIJ stickers, fill out the sticker request form.

  • Free Poleplant Stickers:

Polepalant handcrafts ski poles from natural bamboo canes. Each pole has unique features, such as slightly different colored canes, some joints, and nodes, and most of all, they are never perfectly straight. Besides the fact that this makes their poles beautiful and unique, bamboo poles are at least 2x stronger than traditional aluminum poles under constant load. To get your free sticker, complete the sticker request form.


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