How To Get Free Southern Proper Stickers

Southern Proper was formed in 2005, in Atlanta, Georgia, by Emilie Claire Howard. Inspired by her grandfather and co-founder Reagan Hardy Howell, she created a blend of heritage, authenticity, and fashion for the southern men through this brand.

They started with a line of bowties and neckties, embellished with artistic hand-drawn designs and superior king twill silk.

Southern Proper is all about men’s decor and dress. Today, the company boasts a full line of men’s clothing, including boxers, belts, hats, oxfords, polo golf attire and shorts.

All these products are available online through the brand’s official website and the over 300 select retail shops across the country.

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How To Get Free Southern Proper Stickers

The various ways in which you can get free Southern Proper stickers. Here they are;

  1. Complete A Southern Proper Sticker Request Form

    You can get southern proper stickers free by completing the sticker request form.

    Click here to fill out the form

  2. Get The Sticker From The Company Store

    We know you like free southern proper stickers.

    To get your sticker quicker, you can purchase it directly from the company website.

    Southern Proper Stickers

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