30+ Companies That Give Out Free Surf Stickers In 2024 (And How To Get Them)

Do you want to get free surf stickers from surf companies for surfboards, windows, cars, etc., without spending too much time and money in 2024?

Everyone does!

Getting surf stickers from your favorite brands can be as simple as sending an email requesting free stickers, contacting the brand, or just buying it.

Surf stickers can show what brands you like, personalize your belongings, and display your personality.

Read on to find out how to get free surf stickers from more than 30 companies.

Page 2: Get Free Surf Stickers By Filling A Sticker Request Form

Page 3: Get Surf Sticker By Contacting The Brand

Page 4: Get Free Surf Stickers By Mail

Get Surf Brand Stickers From The Brand Store

These companies also provide surf stickers in 2024; however, you need to get the stickers from the store; some brands only give stickers as an addon after purchasing an item.

  • Chaos Surf co Stickers:

Founded in 1986, Chaos Surf Co carries its own brand of products developed by a surfer for surfers. Proudly designed by Nick Wiersema, he has had over 30 years of experience as a shaper and competitive surfer.

Catered to every kind of wakeboarder and surfer, the technology behind the handcrafted products is used explicitly for the surfboard industry.

Click here to get your Free Chaos Surf Co Sticker

  • California Surfboard Stickers:

Based in The Golden State, California Surf Boards is a longtime collective of surfboard designers and gurus who have dedicated their lives to producing top-notch surfboards. Also known as Cal Surf, the company runs an online store that directly purchases surfboards and other related accessories.

Checkout California Surf Sticker Packs 

  • Drewbrophy Sticker:

A one-of-a-kind professional surf artist, American Drew Brophy has been in the art business for 25 years. His lifelong passion for surfing led him to study the weather and its influence on the waves, culminating in a deep interest in physics. Brophy’s adventurous spirit led him to explore the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, beginning with stand-up paddle surfing.

Borrowing elements of sacred geometry and inspired by the great ocean, Brophy’s distinctive psychedelic style is reflected in his surfboard artworks and his art partnerships with companies such as Western Digital, Google, and Verizon.

Anyone would be proud to showcase these awesome surfboard stickers

You also get a chance to win a signed Art poster from Drew if you Instagram your picture of the sticker with both hashtags #DrewBrophy #SurfArt or Tweet the photo with the hashtags #DrewBrophy #SurfArt. Click the link below for more details.

Get Drewbrophy Stickers.

  • Free In St.Barth Stickers:

Established on the island of St. Barthelemy, the clothing brand is characterized by its line of casual wear apparel. Available for men, women, and kids, Free in St Barth also offers unique designs for watches, jewelry, hats, caps, and bags. Currently, the brand has three stores on the Caribbean island. It was distributed to 2 stores in the United States, in Miami and New York, respectively.

Free In St.Barth Stickers are designed to resist UV rays and prolonged contact with water, so you know they’ll be excellent for use on a surfboard.

Check out their surf sticker collection here.

  • Hedboy Sticker:

Though not much is known about the creator(s) of Hedboy, the products revolve around the artistic designs of doodling, vectors, fashion, prints, and graffiti. With over 14,000 followers on Instagram, Hedboy is making big waves in the stickers and print industry with its unique, eye-catching designs.

Get Hedboy Surf Sticker

They have a surfing-inspired sticker which you can get here. You can also get a free mystery sticker when you get an item from their store.

  • Corolla Surf Shop Sticker:

Located in its namesake in North Carolina, Corolla Surf Shop claims to be a one-stop hub for local surfers and tourists since it was established in 1996. The team conducts sales of surf gear and apparel, provides rental sports equipment, and teaches surfing lessons. Boasting over 20,000 lessons, Corolla Surf Shop school has been featured in the New York Times.

Get Stickers From Corolla Surf Shop

  • Free Rip Curl Sticker:

One of the largest names in the sports activewear industry, Rip Curl, was founded in 1969 by Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer in Torquay, Australia. While the initial production was focused on surfboards, the brand gradually expanded to apparel, accessories, and equipment for the male and female markets. Today, there are more than 200 licensed retail stores worldwide, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

To get a Rip Curl sticker, you simply need to purchase an item from them online.

  • Hobie Surf Shop Sticker:

With a passion for woodworking and the ocean, Hobie Alter started hand-shaping surfboards for his friends in 1950 from his home in Laguna Beach and never looked back. He invented and experimented with different materials as his talent and business grew.

Quickly gaining a trustworthy reputation among world champion surfers, Hobie and his friend, Grubby, paired up to perfect the technology behind their surfboards.

Today, there are 5 Hobie Surf Shop stores located throughout the state of California.

Checkout Hobie Surf Shop Stickers,

  • Jack’s Surfboards Sticker:

In 1957, the first Jack’s Surfboards shop opened on Huntington Beach to provide premium retail surfing goods to the surf community. The brand has since successfully expanded to 10 locations in California and maintains an online store. Stocked with more than 150 brands, including Quiksilver, Billabong, Volcom, and Jack’s Surfboards, it offers products dedicated to the surfing, skating, and outdoor lifestyle.

Get your Jack’s Surfboards Stickers here

  • Kona Surf Co Sticker:

From shaping and painting handmade surfboards and skateboards, Mike Sciarra dreamed of creating an affordable surf brand and established the Kona Surf Company. Based in New Jersey since 1969, the shop carries top brands and its premium line of products and accessories for the avid surfer. Kona Surf Co has one of the most unique surf sticker designs.

Browse the Kona Surf Co sticker collection here

  • M22 Stickers:

Brothers Matt and Keegan Myers chose M22 to symbolize the highway area that leads to one of their favorite kiteboarding spots. With a love and passion for Mother Nature, the brand M22 gave personal meaning to the brothers, be it kiting in uncrowded waters, paddling on calm waves, or just feeling the wind in your hair.

Today, the brand aims to provide well-designed quality products while inspiring outdoor discovery for all. M22 carries soft goods and accessories for men, women, and children.

Browse the M22 sticker collection here.

  • Roxy Stickers:

Following the success of Quiksilver, Roxy was established in 1990 as the pioneer in surfwear for ladies. Initially based in Torquay, Australia, the company has since set up headquarters in California.

From the very first women’s specific boardshorts inspired by American pro surfing champion Lisa Andersen, the Roxy brand offers action sport fashion apparel targeted at females between 18 and 35.

Synonymous with a love for the sun, surf, and sea, the Roxy apparel and accessories range includes bags, sunglasses, clothing, footwear, and more.

Click here to get your Roxy Sticker

  • Siren Sticker:

Founded by women but not exclusively for women, Siren is an eclectic brand inspired by the retro bohemian styles of the 1970s. Based in San Diego, California, Siren produces retro-chic board shorts, stand-up paddleboards, apparel, and accessories.

The brand is also the world’s first women-specific SUP board builder. Apart from being just a surf brand, Siren is a combination of surfboard production surf apparel retailer and hosts worldwide surf retreats.

The Siren sticker features the Siren’s iconic recumbent mermaid art

Get Siren Brand Mermaid Stickers.

  • Surfrider Foundation Stickers:

Based in San Clemente, the Surfrider Foundation was established to create awareness regarding the environmental health of our oceans and beaches. By organizing specific campaigns such as coastal preservation, ocean protection, and protection against plastic pollution, the Surfrider Foundation works with the community to ensure that our oceans and beaches are cared for.

To help support the Surfrider Foundation and its team, accessories, and memorabilia are for sale online. Proceeds from donations are directed to fund the campaigns, strategic investments, and administrative costs. You can help support their mission of protecting coastlines by purchasing a sticker from them. As stated by the foundation, “100% of profits fund our mission and help us achieve victories for the coast.”

Check out the Surfrider Foundation surf sticker collection here.

  • Storm Canada Sticker:

Located in the province of British Columbia, Storm Canada was established in 1997 by surfers for surfers. Stocked with apparel, accessories, and surfing equipment, Storm Canada caters to men and women who share a love for the ocean. The brand also runs an online store, plus shipping options for international customers.

They have a surfing sticker which you can get here.

  • Surf-ratz Surf Sticker:

Caricatures of surfin’ vermin with a rattitude are the core of Surf-ratz’s brand. This unique approach sets them apart from the conventional market. The Surf-ratz team also created a free comic strip and a free game for Android and iOS devices.

The online shop is based in the United Kingdom and offers products such as surfboards, bags, clothing, accessories, and collectibles. You can get a Surf Ratz sticker pack from the store, which includes a great set of 4 Surf-Ratz stickers. Each great set contains (1 x landscape Curtis surfing sticker, 1 x RatHead logo sticker, 1 x Surf Ratz words logo sticker, and 1 x black portrait Curtis surfing sticker.)

Click Here To Get Surf Ratz stickers pack

  • Surf Ontario Stickers:

Canadian Mike Sandusky started in 2002, providing surfing and SUP lessons to the community. When Grant Kennedy joined him, they decided to launch Surf Ontario, an online shop and garage business, in 2010.

It has since expanded its business to include a repertoire of stand-up paddle wetsuits, surfboards, accessories, and more.

Surf Ontario Surf Shop also offers several surf stickers representing Ontario for sale.

Surf Ontario Stickers

Checkout Ontario Surf Shop Sticker Collection

  • Thalia Surf Sticker:

Since 2001, the team behind Thalia Surf has established itself as one of the go-to brands in the surfwear industry. Stocked with more than 40 activewear brands, Thalia Surf’s physical store on the Pacific Coast Highway and its online shop offer plenty of choices for beginners and experienced surfers. Besides sports equipment, the brand also carries art books, vinyl, CDs, and much more.

Checkout Thalia’s Collection Of Surf Stickers

  • Boteboard Sticker:

If you can’t find it, make it! When Magda and Corey Cooper began paddling in 2009, they couldn’t find a board that met their needs. They left their corporate jobs to design and market stand-up paddleboards with that motto in mind. The result is the Boteboard, a versatile and efficient design that is stable to paddle on, fish from, and even hold a beer cooler.

Based in Ford Walton, Florida, the Boteboard brand has expanded with different boards, accessories, and lifestyle apparel.

The Boteboard sticker is 6 inches and is made of weather-resistant white vinyl, which will last for years. You can put ’em on your car, board, or even your office door.

Click Here To Get the Bote decal

  • Sexwax Surf Sticker:

With just a little waxing and maintenance, your surfboard can last longer. Collaborative efforts between Mr. Zog (also known as Frederick Charles Herzog III) and his chemist friend, Nate Skinner, led to the successful production of the high-performance surfboard wax.

Surfers use Sexwax to coat the surface of their surfboards. The wax provides much-needed traction between the surfer’s feet and the surfboard. Sexwax also maintains a line of products for apparel, gear, snowboard wax, hockey wax, and accessories.

Sexwax Stickers feature a variety of unique Sexwax logos that are available in various sizes.

Click Here To Get Sexwax stickers

  • Swell Surf Sticker:

Based in Irvine, California, American action sports retailer Swell first opened for business in 1999. As a pioneer in the online surf shop and boutique industry, Swell caters to men and women who embrace the surf lifestyle.

The brand curate products from established brands such as Volcom, Quiksilver, and Hurley and products featured by upcoming lifestyle brands. Items like swimwear, everyday apparel, surf gear, and accessories are part of the Swell online catalog.

Swell offers free stickers in their shops. No purchase is necessary, but there is a maximum of 12 per customer.

Checkout Swell Stickers

  • Towerpaddle Boards Sticker:

The Tower Paddle Boards brand was founded in Southern California in 2010. Today, it is a one-stop shop for surfers keen to purchase surfboards and paddleboards directly from the brands without the fuss of a middleman. Besides its store in San Diego, the brand also offers online sales and shipping, including a free Towerpaddle Boards surf Sticker with each order. You can also purchase a sticker pack from their store.

Click Here To Get the Tower Paddle Boards Sticker Pack

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