30+ Companies That Give Out Free Surf Stickers In 2020 (And How To Get Them)

Get Free Surf Stickers By filling a Sticker Request Form

This is one of the easiest ways to get stickers, all you need to do is fill in a sticker request form. Here are some surf brands with sticker request forms;

Page 1: Get Surf Stickers From The Brand Store

Page 3: Get Surf Sticker By Contacting The Brand

Page 4: Get Free Surf Stickers By Completing Mail

  • Free Boardcave Stickers:

Founded by Ryan Mets and Chris Greben in 2011, Boardcave.com is an online surf supply shop that aims to connect surfboard shapers (manufacturers) to potential customers. Boardcave’s patent pending technology offers a guide for new and experienced surfers to find the perfect surfboard for their needs.

A one-stop shop, surfers are able to order personalized surfboards and surf hardware from Boardcave’s website.

Having kickstarted their idea in Queensland, Australia, the company has since expanded to the United States and Brazil.

Click Here to join the club and receive your free boardcave Sticker

  • Free Billabong Stickers:

Established in 1973, Billabong is a well-known Australian brand in the active sportswear industry. In addition to its own line of products, the company has acquired subsidiaries such as Von Zipper and Element Skateboards.

From Gordon Merchant’s triple hand-stitched shorts in its humble beginnings, the brand has since expanded to more than 100 countries worldwide today. The extensive line of Billabong products includes soft goods, accessories, skateboards and surf gear.

Unfortunately the stickers can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.

Get Stickers from Billabong

  • Free Degree 33 Surfboards Sticker:

Longboards, shortboards, funboards, paddleboards, and even custom boards are the niche of Degree 33 Surfboards. The brand started out as a part-time business on Craigslist for Luc and Holly Stokes. From selling boards out of a one-bedroom apartment, the business is now situated in a warehouse and showroom on Cabot Drive in San Diego.

Degree 33 Surfboards takes pride in sharing over 45 years of experience in hand shaping and crafting their boards.

Click Here To Enter Your Email Address And Receive a Free Degree 33 Surfboards Sticker

  • Free SB Surfboards Sticker:

SB Surfboards began 20 years ago on the shores of California where passion drove an 18 year old Steve Boysen to design and handcraft surfboards for sale. After years of persistence, the hard work paid off in 2004 when the company relocated to Oceanside with a 5,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Today, the SB Surfboards brand is synonymous with impeccable quality and assurance. By filling the surf sticker request form you get a free SB Surfboards sticker and a chance to win a SB Surfboard.

Click Here To Fill the Sticker request form To Receive A Free SB Surfboards Sticker

  • Free VonZipper Sticker:

VonZipper is a Southern California based, eye-wear and accessories manufacturer. VonZipper exists to share the message of freedom and the do it yourself mentality though innovative design, supreme style, and strict attention to the details.

How to get VonZipper Stickers for free

  • Free Breakwater Surf Co Sticker:

A self-taught surfer, Gerald Yuska began riding the waves in 2006 and has pursued the surfing dream since then. In 2011, Yuska and Rudel Felicien opened the first Breakwater Surf Co. physical store in Rhode Island.

Breakwater Surf Co’s primary focus is to encourage surfing beginners. Along with surfboards and stand up paddles, the shop also offers skate products, winter gear, wetsuits and other accessories related to the lifestyle. The brand has since expanded to yet another store, located in New York. Customers may also purchase products via their online store.

Request a Free Breakwater Surf Co Sticker Pack and also receive a 10 day coupon for 15% store items.


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